Bluejay - Feet

Bluejay - Feet

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    Bluejay - Feet
    Blue Jay, cast pewter feet. Exposed leg length: 37 mm, center toe length: 29 mm, rear toe length: 22 mm.

    All pewter feet and legs: it is best to bend them one time only, otherwise they may break when you try to bend them back. Whenever possible, try not to bend the leg portion and keep the bending of toes to a minimum. If a sharp bend is required, try soaking foot in hot water prior to bending. You may also try cutting a slot in the underside of the toe you wish to bend.

    You can also use for the following birds:

    Blackbird - Brewer's and Yellow-headed.
    Jay - Gray, Scrub and Steller's.

    Substituted feet will be close to correct, but will usually have some variation from the real thing.