Power Carving Cutters

Sharp Cutters generally give a faster cut with a smoother finish than abrasives. However, there are trade-offs. Most sharp cutters do not cut in reverse, making them awkward when it is necessary to carve against the grain. Sharp cutters are often harder to control and may have a tendency to grab into, and run along the work being carved. Larger sharp cutters can be more dangerous when not used carefully as they will cut skin and bone more readily than the abrasives. Always wear a leather glove on your holding hand when using larger sharp cutters. Like many abrasives, sharp cutters are available in finer and coarser types, with the coarser ones cutting faster but having more tendency to dig and run. Finer sharp cutters work well for hard woods, most metals and soapstone while coarser ones work best on softer woods and aluminum. Sharp cutters are made from several different materials from steel to solid carbide and zeconia-ceramic. Steel is the least expensive but the quickest to dull. Carbide is more expensive to buy but lasts many times longer than steel. Carbide can also be used to cut many metals.


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