Cast Pewter Bird Feet

We stock two styles of bird feet. All feet are excellent quality with minute detail faithfully reproduced. The full foot and leg (one piece) have been cast from the actual species so they are great for reference if you want to make your own feet, or you can use them directly in your carvings. The toes can be bent (carefully). "Bird toes" look great when sandwiched between the bird and base (looks like the bird is sitting on its toes). Larger feet are reinforced with a steel wire. All prices are per pair.

Item# Name Price  
FTYLEGS Yellowlegs, Lesser - Feet $17.85
FTMALLCURL Duck, Mallard - Tail Curl, life size $8.90
FTMALLCURLM Duck, Mallard - Tail Curl, 3/4 life size $8.90
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